Time, take me away cause I can barely hold on

domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Someone who cares...

Well I don't know where to start...I feel like I have to say like a million things but I can't at the same time, because if I do I'll probably mess everything up like I always do, but I'll do my best to leave things clear.
This year is almost over and I have to addmit it it was a rough year for me in too many ways...and it still is.
At the beggining of the year I went trough one of the most painful break-ups of my whole life and it changed me , I turned into a new person that I never thought I could be, and I didn't like her not even a bit, I hated myself for a very long time but I couldn't do anything for saving me, I was completely lost...
Then when I thought there was a spark of hope I fell even deeper and I thought I was done...everything was meaningless and I became self destructive
But all that pain and suffering wasn't in vain...it had a reward, the best thing of my life
in one of my worst moments I met a few people who helped me the most and gave me the only thing I was asking for this whole time, truth
And I had the support of my best friends too and that's what kept me going and I am more thankful for that than anyone can imagine and I hope I can spend a lot more time with them for letting them know how much they mean to me

but on top of everything, this year I fell in love, for real, and he loved me back, that is the greatest thing anyone can have, and yes, we're apart I can't see him every day I can't touch him when I need to, I cant hold him when he need me , and it's killing me but it's worthing, It's the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time I would say that it's the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

So I just wanted to thank them all for supporting me , for caring even when I didn't deserve a damn thing , and for letting me in , my life is so much easy thanks to you
You're priceless, you're my saviors

Honestly, I'll pay you back someday