Time, take me away cause I can barely hold on

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Take my breath away I don't need it anyway

-Do you imagine a future with him? I mean, if it ever happens do you think...In the far future, you'll be together?
-I don't like to think about the far future with nobody,it scares the hell out of me
-Look, I've learned something. If you don't see a future with that person don't even try to be with that person.
It's pointless don't you think?
 -All I know is this,when I'm with him I don't have to pretend I'm exactly the way I am,  no matter what's wrong in my world, it feels right and he makes me smile just by looking me in the eye

Will it change or stay the same? Will it ever go away?
All these thoughts are in my mind
spinning around like endless time
For once in my life I do wanna feel
something you call real
I don't think that I've got
time for these scars to heal
And the days just go by,
leaving questions in my mind
I guess I'll find the answers
some day in another life*

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